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Wayco Sales, Inc. has a varied selection of lubricants and coolants, including Soluble, Semi-Synthetic, and Full-Synthetic formula flood coolants, as well as mist lubricants.

See below to read about each product in our line of High Quality Lubricants.

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Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

– Semi-Synthetic Lubricant

– Low Oil, with only 20%

– High Bio-Resistance keeps bacteria from growing

– Stable Emulsion allows mixture to maintain consistent

– Corrosion inhibitor keeps rust from forming

– Independent of Additives

– Use for: General Machining and Sawing


Misting Lubricant / Near Dry Lubricant for Sawing & Machining of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

– Qualifies as an MQL (Minimum-Quantity Lubricant)

– This Low Viscosity Synthetic Lubricant reduces surface tension

– Includes No EP (Extreme Pressure) Additives, which means no Chlorine or Sulfur for sensitive materials

– Extends blade life while leaving only trace amounts of residue film

– Safe for use on both Ferrous materials and Non-Ferrous

– Compatible with Acculube, Unist, & similar spray units

– Does not dry hard, which gives you an easy clean up

– Use for: light forming applications


Water Soluble Metalworking Fluid

– Water Soluble

– Chlorine Free

– 1:1 Dilution

– All-Purpose

– Clean and Stable Emulsion in all water types

– Rust inhibitor/Corrosion Resistant

– Formulated with biocide to extend sump life

– Use for: Medium to heavy duty machining and sawing


Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid: High Performance for all Metals (Contains Chlorine)

– High Performance Semi-Synthetic

– Moderate 30% Oil content

– High Viscosity Oil-Based Semi-Synthetic

– Hard Water Stable

– EP = Extreme Pressure tolerant uses Chlorine for stability

– Bio-Stable Chemistry helps maintain pH

– Rust Inhibitor/Corrosion Resistant

– Use for: High Performance Machining and Sawing


Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid:

High Performance for all Metals (Chlorine Free)

– High Performance Semi-Synthetic

– 30% Oil Content

– High Viscosity Base Oil

– Hard Water Stable

– Additive independent

– EP = blend of synthetic esters

– Bio-Stable chemistry helps maintain pH

– Rust Inhibitor/Corrosion Resistant

– Use for: High Performance Machining and Sawing


Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

– Fully-Synthetic lubricant

– Possesses Excellent settling characteristics

– Optimal lubricity to detergency ratio gives highest quality finishes

– Protects parts using a corrosion inhibitor

– Clear fluid allows a clear line of sight during machining

– Use for: Light Duty Machining and Sawing


Cleaner and Conditioner for Metalworking Fluid Sump Systems

– Cleaner is Water based

– Low-Temperature alkaline cleaner

– Clean Internal and External components of MWF sumps

– Fights to remove organic as well as inorganic sump contaminants

– Cleans and conditions sump while the machine is still running, prior to changing the sump out with new/fresh coolant (this means reduced downtime)

– Totally safe to use while machining metals

– Contains a balanced blend of detergency for cleaning, surfactant for reducing unnecessary surface tension, and biocide to kill off unwanted built-up bacteria

– Proper mix ratio: 2%-5% of sump that is undergoing cleaning/conditioning and recharging.

– Use for: Cleaning and Conditioning coolant sump (by removing contaminants) prior to recharging sump

Through our partnership with Eberle Fluid Technology and their industrial lubricant division, we are able to fill your requests by providing the highest quality coolants and lubricants that allow you to properly care for the large investments that your machines are for your company. Our #1 goal here is to provide you with a great product that keeps your operations running their best, keeping your costs the lowest and your bosses happiest.