Wayco offers a state of the art ranged selection of Abrasive products from highly rated manufacturers including FlexOvit, United Abrasives/SAIT, and Kalamazoo Ind's.

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Flap Discs:

* Flexovit’s Type 27 and Type 29 Flap Discs have the ability to grind, blend and finish all in one step. You can make good use of these flap Discs in many applications. Some examples involve the using depressed center grinding wheels and / or resin fiber discs.

* They are not only effective in their use for productivity, but by using this 3-steps-with-1-tool approach, these flap disks reduce overall job cost.


Sanding Belts:

* The X-Weight cotton cloth back teaming up with Mylar tape butt joint seams give you a smoother, bump free sanding all while resisting stretching better than other abrasive tools.

* Using state-of-the-art technology, these belts are equipped with premium aluminum oxide grain and a full resin bonding. These keep the abrasive belt flexible and very durable.


Grinding/Cut Off Wheels:

As the name implies, use these abrasives for grinding or cutting, but also for notching, finishing and more.


Belt Sanders:

* These abrasive belt sanders are great for debarring, flattening surfaces, metallurgical polishing, and graining. Available in both wet and dry varieties. Widths range from 1″ to 14″. Special length belt sanders are available upon request.


Disc Sanders:

* For either horizontal or vertical position, we have abrasive disc sanders ranging from 10″ to 36″ in diameter. The optional dust collector base does a great job with dust control.


Even beyond those products shown and described, Wayco offers a full line of Abrasive products from high quality manufacturers, that will help you complete your work with the highest efficiency, best quality, and the lowest cost. Contact us by email, using our Contact Form, or by calling us at (800) 990-0559 (M-F 7:30am-4:00pm) to learn more about our abrasive products and to get in touch with a representative.