Our Products

Lubricants & Coolants

Wayco Sales, Inc. has a varied selection of lubricants and coolants, including Soluble, Semi-Synthetic, and Full-Synthetic formula flood coolants, as well as mist lubricants.


Wayco offers a state of the art ranged selection of Abrasive products from highly rated manufacturers including FlexOvit, United Abrasives/SAIT, and Kalamazoo

Band Saw Blades

Wayco offers a selection of High-Quality, custom welded-to-length band saw blades from some of the best manufacturers both from the U.S. and from Germany. See below for our selection of Simonds High Quality U.S. made band saw blades and our High Quality German blades by Eberle.

Band Saw Parts

Here at Wayco we have a full array of Bandsaw parts for top machines, such as MARVEL (including Spartan, Armstrong, etc.), HYDMECH, and more!

Circular Saw Blades

HSS Cold Saw Blade & Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades

Sharpening Services Also Available


Wayco Sales, Inc. is a certified distributor of High Quality De-Sta-Co clamps.


Wayco Sales, Inc. offers a full selection of Machines by various manufacturers including Hyd-Mech, Modern Machine Tool Company, Dake, and Kalamazoo.