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Portable mag drills
Annular cutters
Air concrete, chain, and hack saws
Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws
Reciprocating saws
Concrete grinders
Surface finishing tools
Corner drills
Dust extraction tools
Vacuum systems
Tuck point grinders
9″ cut off saws
Mixing paddles
Metal finishing tools
Non-sparking hand tools
Portable nibblers
Additional Comments

CS UNITEC is a specialty manufacturer of electric, pneumatic, ad hydraulic power tools for use in the construction industry and for other industrial applications.

CS UNITEC’s High Quality industrial grade power tools are innovative in that they allow you to get your work done faster, cleaner, and smoother through their proprietary tooling methods. The first pneumatic portable band saw was invented by CS UNITEC in 1991. Since then, the company has continued to expand their product offering with a diverse line of power tools some of which are:

Portable mag drills,

Annular cutters,

Air concrete, chain, and hack saws,

Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws,

Reciprocating saws,

Concrete grinders,

Surface finishing tools,

Corner drills,

Dust extraction tools,

Vacuum systems,

Tuck point grinders,

9″ cut off saws,

Mixing paddles,

Metal finishing tools,

And non-sparking hand tools,

And portable nibblers.

(Adapted from literature supplied by CS Unitec), Supplier Website: