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Flexovit USA, Inc. is a top U.S. based manufacturer of high efficiency abrasive products; they are great for use with portable power tools, such as those offered by CS UNITEC. Being a strong, U.S. based company, Flexovit is committed to U.S. manufacturing.

Manufacturing Facility

Flexovit’s 100,000 sq. ft facility is a Manufacturing Complex in Angola, New York. The two buildings that make up the complex house the first fully automated bond mixing system in North America. As this is the headquarters of the operation, on the premises is a semi-automated press, fiberglass coating line, engineering department, product development lab, sales management, corporate office, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Trained Professionals

The team of highly trained technical sales reps who serve the market represent Flexovit and provide support across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. There is a regional sales management team there to also support their goals. For questions about the technical aspects, advise, and product recommendations, the Technical Support Team is your solution. And highly-trained Customer service personnel located at the manufacturing facility and a few other locations, are available to assist with orders and inquiries.

Product Performance

Through extensive testing, Flexovit has developed a wide set of objective testing methods to show the calculation of the actual cost of their products against the competitive options in a given application. Those tests are performed in the Testing Lab, to make sure that all the products meet the demands of the industries. The products are generally measured on the metric of P.A.C.E. (Productivity and Cost Evaluation). This program measures many variables including: wheel performance, unit wheel and labor cost, then calculates both product costM/strong> and full cost for the application. Once the program has been run on the Flexovit product, it can then be applied to alternative products, after which it will calculate the savings from using the lower cost alternative. This type analysis is important for a company who wants to be using the most cost-effective parts and tools, because the lowest priced products are often the highest effective cost, based on the amount of work each product is capable of. Flexovit’s high quality, high efficiency wheels are no exception to this rule of quality.

(Adapted from literature supplied by FlexOvit USA, Inc.), Supplier Website: www.flexovitabrasives.com