Modern Machine Tool Company – Since 1916


“Founded in 1916, Modern Machine Tool Company was a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of precision lathe-type cutoff machines and feeders for metal tube, pipe, rod and bar stock.

Modern Machine Tool Company is well known in the U.S. and abroad for its versatile manual and automatic lathe-type cut-off machines and automatic feeders. In virtually every field of manufacturing where tubing, pipe or bars are being cut and formed, in plants around the world, you’ll find one or more dependable Modern cut-off machines on the job.

Drawing on our long experience in cutoff technology and utilizing the latest in digital electronics, the engineers at Modern Machine Tool Company have developed a complete line of lathe cutoff machines and systems to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industrial manufacturers.

Our versatile lathe-type cutting off machines are capable of cutting cylindrical tube, pipe and solid bar stock to length, while simultaneously performing a variety of machining operations including: deburring, chamfering, grooving, turning, flanging, tapering, plunge forming, form cutting, boring, threading, facing, drilling, centering, rolling and recessing.”