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TL-500 Lubricant

TL-400 Lubricant is a high grade, vegetable oil based lubricant, that is biodegradable, and is considered a non-staining lubricant. TL-500 promotes good tool life at a great price. An MSDS sheet is available upon request.

Wayco 8740 Heavy Duty Soluble Oil
(with Extreme Pressure Properties)

This is a Multi-Purpose Soluble Oil with exceptional "anti-chip" weld properties and excellent lubricity.  This assures you longer tool life and faster cutting rates.  An MSDS sheet is available upon request.

Uses: Preparation:
Broaching Drilling Mix 5 parts of water with one part of Wayco 8740 Heavy Duty Soluble Oil. Put the water in the container and stir slowly while adding the Wayco 8740. Never add water to the oil, as it will not mix.
Milling Sawing
Tapping Threading