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Order Simonds Files Online                      Order Simonds Files Online
Simonds Files                                                                              Simonds Files 

VixenŽ. . . A Leader in the Automotive File Industry

The VixenŽ milled curved tooth file is recognized as the most efficient file ever designed for auto-body repair and manufacturing. Yet, its also versatile enough to be used for a variety of other industrial applications.

Body Files are widely used in the automotive trade for metal finishing repair. Simonds VixenŽ body files are precision hand cutting tools designed to cut or level off a metal surface. The thin metal and aluminum used to form auto bodies can be easily damaged or dented - before painting all dents and deep scratches have to be removed. The Simonds VixenŽ best performs this task.

Each VixenŽ tooth is actually a miniature milling cutter, with extremely sharp edges, resulting in faster cutting and longer life. The VixenŽ tooth design clears itself readily of chips, which results in a smooth, scratchless finish.

The type of repair will determine if a bent-tang or flat VixenŽ is needed, and whether a fine or coarse cut file tooth pattern would be more effective:

Order On-Line or call (800) 990-0559 to place your order today.

  • Use Simonds flat body VixenŽ files for highlighting and repairing low areas

  • Use Simonds bent body VixenŽ files on flat or near flat panel surfaces

  • Use Simonds finer cut VixenŽ files for small pimples or other slightly high spots and for small areas where a bump-up procedure has been performed

  • Use Simonds coarse cut VixenŽ files for repairs large enough to require a higher rate of metal removal

VixenŽ Teeth Per Inch:
Babbit, Flat with Tang, Flat Flexible, Half Round Solid with Tang, and Half Round Shell
"/mm Babbitt Standard Smooth
8 / 200   14 18
10 / 250   12 18
12 / 300 8 10 16
14 / 350 7 8 15

The file shapes, or types, that are available are:
  • Babbit
  • Body Bumping Files
  • Flat with Tang
  • Flat - Utility
  • Flat Flexible
  • Half Round Solid with Tang
  • Half Round Shell
  • WhizCut

Additionally, four types of file holders (made of wood or metal) are available, including our #472 adjustable holder.

If you don't find what you need in our catalog, just ask - Simonds makes more "specials" than any other file producer.

Order On-Line or call (800) 990-0559 to place your order today.