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Order Simonds Files Online                                     Order Simonds Files Online
Simonds Files                                                                                                           Simonds Files 

Simonds Files

The file is one of the oldest and simplest, yet most useful, hand tools.

The Simonds file tradition began with the purchase of the Fitchburg File Co. in 1905, and was enhanced with the acquisition of the The Heller Tool Co., founded in 1836.

The Simonds "Red Tang" trademark has become one of the most respected symbols of quality and reliability in the marketplace today. Every Simonds file is precision-cut for uniform tooth height and sharpness. Then, they are scientifically heat treated for optimum hardness before being individually inspected for uniformity and maximum cutting ability.

Simonds files are manufactured in Newcomerstown, Ohio. The people at our file plant are as particular about quality today as Abel Simonds was when it all began.

What is a File?

A file is a precision hand cutting tool, designed with multiple teeth, to remove stock and produce a smooth finish on many different types of material.

Order On-Line or call (800) 990-0559 to place your order today.

To Meet All Your Filing Needs, we offer:
Simonds American Pattern Files & Rasps

Simonds American Pattern Files & Rasps

Simonds Swiss Pattern Files

Simonds Swiss Pattern Files

Simonds Auto Body Files



Simonds Farrier Rasps


Order On-Line or call (800) 990-0559 to place your order today.

File Terminology

For files, some terms have special meaning. Here are a few of the important terms:

Tang - the pointed part of the file that is inserted into the file handle
Heel - the part of the file that comes next to the tang - also known as the shoulder
Point - the end of the file opposite the tang
Length - the distance between the point and the heel - also known as the body
Teeth - the cutting ridges on the file's surface
Side - the wide file surface - used for most filing
Edge - the narrow file surface - may be round or square in shape
Back - the rounded side of all half-round files
Safe - refers to an edge or side with no teeth cut


How Is A File Made?

Approximately twenty-two operations are involved in making a file. The most common steps are:

  1. Steel is sheared to approximate file length blanks.
  2. Point is forged and tang is flattened.
  3. Blanks are annealed to prepare for punching, grinding, and cutting.
  4. File tang and point are punched.
  5. Blanks are ground to remove scale and produce a smooth surface.
  6. Teeth are cut into the blanks.
  7. Files are heat treated and quenched to harden the steel.
  8. Files are cleaned.
  9. Files are inspected.
  10. Files are brand stamped.
  11. Files are wrapped and boxed.

Order Simonds Files Online                               Order Simonds Files Online
Simonds Files                                                                                             Simonds Files